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  • Single Bench Car – $35.00 Per Hour
  • Double Bench Car – $50 Per Hour
  • 15 Seater Party Cruiser: 8 People Minimum Group Tours
  • $129 Per Person (8 Person minimum)
  • Private Tours $1,835 for the cruiser

Birthday Celebrations

There’s no better day to soak up those rays! The epitome of a different kind of luxury, our Grace Bay bar-hopping tour is designed to commemorate your birthday VIP-style. Exploring the unspoiled Blue Haven Marina, with a local guide to pinpoint the most iconic drinking spots, we’ll set the scene for a birthday to remember.

Whether you’d prefer to sit back with a crisp fruit punch in hand, ramp up our playlist as you discover the Providenciales’ best-kept secrets, or revel in the stops along the way, this party bike experience is not one to be missed. We promise!

Bachelorette Parties

Celebrating the bride-to-be with a dash of unique fun, we pave the way to bachelorette parties with a difference. With up to 15 seats for your bridal party, our bar bikes are a must-do on your pre-wedding island escape, sampling the finest local drinks while experiencing all that Turks and Caicos has to offer. We’ll even point you to the must-see hotspots!

A ‘party cruiser’ by name and nature, our guides are known for their party-starting playlist and arsenal of beverages, making your final fiesta before the big day a memorable one. A safe alternative to traditional bar hopping – think table-dancing and steep staircases – we’re here to ensure you arrive at the aisle with nothing more than stellar memories.

Bachelor Parties

Whether you know it as a bachelor party, a stag do, or a buck’s night, the goal remains the same; To enjoy one final blowout before you say “I do”, overflowing with belly-laughs, local drinks, and enough memories to last a lifetime.

At Paradise Pedal Cruisers, our guides see your enjoyment as their challenge, on a mission to ensure your time with us becomes the highlight of your trip, where one-of-a-kind adventures and world-renowned backdrops come together to create the excursion of dreams. From those looking to let loose to groups that prefer a more laid-back approach, our pedal cruiser will be the ultimate start to your night of celebrations.

Team Buildings

Hitting the breaks on overdone icebreakers, from fun facts and quizzes to the dreaded problem-solving puzzles, we provide conversation-starting party bikes in the heart of Turks and Caicos Islands. With drinks flowing, music playing, and good times rolling, we create the ultimate atmosphere to shake off your stresses, helping you come together as a team, breaking down barriers, and sparking friendships.

At our core lies fun. Whether that looks like belting your favorite ballads or enjoying a relaxed cycle through one of the globe’s most sought-after destinations, we’re dedicated to providing team-building exercises to remember.

Office Outings

Helping you swap filing for fruit punches, our goal is simple; To make your office outing go down in history, creating the ideal atmosphere for you to let loose, while doing your bit for the environment. Creating monumental memories, our party bikes will be a sure-fire talking point in the workplace.

A wow-factor experience, with an unrivaled fleet of luxury pedal cars, we’re committed to providing enthralling sightseeing services, without settling on our stringent safety regulations. If your team doesn’t hop off feeling exhilarated, we don’t give ourselves the Paradise Pedal Cruisers stamp of approval. You heard it here first!


Nothing says “I love you” quite like a bar bike experience from your beau. As Grace Bay’s leading excursion, we’re here to help you navigate the island in style, exploring Providenciales’ most exotic settings, made complete with a splash of awe-inspiring rum punch. With private celebrations; customized to your desires, we don’t settle when it comes to the commemoration of your love; creating memories to last for a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking to come together as one to enjoy your favorite beverages, go all-out by kickstarting your adrenaline, or mark the occasion with an eco-friendly escapade, our party bikes offer a stand-out alternative to the traditional ‘date night’.


Heading to Providenciales to welcome in the new year? Ready to let loose on Independence Day? Considered ramping family time up a notch over Thanksgiving? Regardless of the occasion, we have nightlife options to suit, bringing your friends, family, or colleagues to the leading bar hopping experience in Turks and Caicos.

At Paradise Pedal Cruisers, we have quickly become synonymous with fun, but our role entails far more than pouring your next cocktail and pressing ‘play’ on your favorite tracks. Your safety is our priority, which is why we only offer world-class, safety-tested bar bikes, taking you from point A-to-B in style.

Fun activity

The home of unforgettable moments, Paradise Pedal Cruisers offers a unique spin on bar hopping; helping you soak up the sun, stock up on that all-important Vitamin D, and experience that “Oooh. So good!” ice-cold sip or ….bask in the evening warm moonlight glow while discovering our Turks and Caicos’ charm.

A one-of-a-kind twist on vacation fun, we’re sticklers for helping individuals delve beyond their comfort zones, ensuring you return home with a bucket-load of memories in tow. It’s what makes us… us, snapping your latest Instagram shot, ensuring you always have a drink in hand, and doing our bit to keep you safe. Secure, reliable, and oh-so-fun? Check!

Corporate events

Helping you make your mark in the corporate world, we are often the first port of call on Grace Bay Beach for off-the-wall adventures, designed to leave a lasting impression on associates, contractors, and networks. Ideal for companies who view themselves as a little ‘out there’, we’re on-hand with a stand-out take on luxury, helping your guests experience Providenciales, without having to adhere to rigid formal events.

From executive retreats and conferences to incentive programs, we have worked with corporations of all scopes, from managers rewarding their high-performance team-members to CEOs extending a ‘thank you’ to those who were on board from the very beginning.

Product launches

Having poured time, energy, and plenty of late nights into your new product, it’s now time to let the fun commence. An innovative option for brands looking to invite influences, potential investors, and loyal customers to their launch, our party bikes will play a role in curating memorable events, with guests putting you on the social media ‘hall of fame’, with the exposure to match.

An integral cog in your launch wheel, our guides are key to quirky Providenciales events, spring-boarding morale, and starting conversations. The result? A launch looked back on with elation, securing an unparalleled reputation, recognized throughout your industry.

Fitness groups

A unique twist on group exercise, our bar bikes are a sure-fire people-pleaser, getting your heart pumping, muscles moving, and endorphins flowing, surrounded by white sand and nodding palm trees. On top, our guides know the A-to-Z of Turks and Caicos, able to point you to protein-rich eateries, running trails, and the best spots to snap your muscle pump while taking a break from cycling.

With a 90-minute slot, we’ll help you get your daily workout in, without the need to reserve precious moments of your vacation. Sing along to your favorite hits, sip on ultra-fresh cocktails, and revel in the one-of-a-kind experience.

Group outings

Whether you’re enjoying family time with your nearest and dearest, on an exotic vacation with your team, or reveling in your island escape with your closest friends, our party bikes are designed to help even the most adventure-averse travelers tap into unparalleled amusement. Unlocking picture-perfect scenes, with lip-lickingly good cocktails on tap, our bar bikes represent a must-do experience.

You’ll be able to explore some of the island’s sun-drenched hotspots, making your way to Blue Haven Marina; a crystal clear paradise, and the ultimate backdrop for your photos. With 2-3 stops per tour, you can enjoy the true Turks and Caicos experience.

Live Karaoke

The ultimate option for fun-seekers, our Live Karaoke tour is renowned as one of Grace Bay Beach’s leading nightlife spots, outdoing traditional settings on atmosphere, drinks, and playlists. A concert-on-wheels, we’re here to add a sprinkle of excitement to your vacation, turning heads in the process. Pssst… We have a battery-powered assist motor just in case those high notes take your breath away!

With a choice of rum punch, fruit punch, local beers, or water, we have something for everyone. And the best part? We’re huge on small acts with big environmental impacts, allowing you to showcase your wildest moves while making planet Earth that little bit greener. It’s a win-win!