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Commonly asked questions finally answered
What are you doing for your Covid-19 reopening?

We are still taking Covid-19 related health precautions seriously and are continuing to clean and disinfect our bikes. As an outdoor recreational activity, we are considered a low-risk space. Customers should make sure they are following all mandates & restrictions to keep everyone healthy.

Do we have to sign a liability waiver to ride the bike?

Yes… we will provide a liability waiver for riders to sign.

How long is the bike tour?

Tours last about 1.5 hours, including any stops.

How does the bike move?

The bike moves by pedal power and a battery-powered assist motor.

How many seats are there?

There are 15 seats for passengers.

Do all seats have pedals?

No, only 10 seats have pedals. Two seats do not have pedals and three seats are on the back bench.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy?


  • 21+ days: 50% refund or rain check (good for 90 days)
  • 10-20 days: Rain check (good for 90 days)
  • Under 10 days: No refund, reschedule, or rain check
What is the difference between a private tour and a group tour?

Private Tours are offered to 1-15 people who reserve the entire bike for a 1.5-hour period.

Group Tours offers up to15 seats with other booked customers.

Are there stops along the route?

Yes, we will likely have 2-3 stops where riders can exit the bike to purchase drinks and food at local restaurants.

Do we tip the driver or bartender/guide?

Tips are always appreciated. If you had a great time, please do not forget to tip your Pilot and bartender!

How safe is the Pedal Cruiser?

We have taken every measure to make our cruiser is as safe as possible. We offer many safety features not offered by other bicycle pubs including:

  • Pedal deck – This allows riders to set their feet down while the cruiser is in motion. Other bikes have nothing between the pedals and the street.
  • Turn signals, headlights, and brake lights – Because we share the road with motorized vehicles, lights and signals are necessary. Interior lights fully illuminate the vehicle.
  • Adjustable seats – A person who’s 5’3” should not be expected to pedal at the same height as someone who’s 6’4”. Adjustable seats ensure rider safety, stability, and comfort during the ride.
  • Helmets – Helmets are provided for riders that wish to wear them.
Is there storage on the bike?

Yes, we have two large coolers for beverages and a canopy area to put bags, jackets, and supplies.

Can you customize tour routes and stops?

Yes, we can make limited customized tour routes and stops for Private Group tours, depending on route, date, and timing. To find out more, please contact us.

Do you provide tours for corporate groups, parties or celebrations?

Yes, we provide private group tours. To find out more, please contact us.

Do you have a charge for excess cleaning or damage on or off the bike during a tour?

Yes, we reserve the right to charge between $25-$500 for excessive cleaning on or off our bikes, including affected private property. Damages to our property or other property during the tour may incur further charges and potentially may result in criminal charges.